RANGE COMMUNITY is one of the faster growing companies in Greece. Recognizing development and industry trends, targeted investment in profitable business segments and achieving sustainable growth:


The company professionally supports its consolidated subsidiaries with financing, operational business management and controlling activities. Many years of experience in servicing the national market gives us the independence and confidence to build on sustainable success. Our principles are strategic thinking and passionate execution, and our maxims are to achieve measurable results and exercise prudence when we conduct business.

Range., is a diversified company with its main scope being the Network of Co-operating Companies on both a B2B and B2C level, throughout Greece, the wider Balkan and Mediterranean Region.
A diverse knowledge base at the management level enables Range. to concentrate on a variety of business fields. This includes forward-looking market sectors such as development and sales, a key component of any business and society, as well as participation in the food retail sector. New areas will be added in the future and integrated into Range portfolio.
We will continue to expand on our strengths

A strong network of forward-looking market sectors Range strategic goal is to create a network with a large brand recognition that will distribute products and services to a wide customers base, either individually or bucket packaged offers from different sectors within the target industries, whilst simultaneously utilizing products for consumer.
The network will consist of companies from:
1.The tourism sector.
2.The food industry sector.
3.Information Technology sector.


Range is flexible and efficient, helping promising medium-size companies to grow and achieve their potential for success.
Range Community. is concentrating on business ideas and concepts that promise rapid market maturity and profitability a solid strategy for solid value growth.
Range. strategy emphasizes flexibility, speed and innovation – WITH size.
This is the optimum position for the markets of the future.
Widely disseminated specialized knowledge at the management level of Range Community. Enables it to align flflexibly with various business fields – a strong portfolio that is a solid foundation for sustainable success.
The four pillars of Range Community strategy for the Network:
– Expansion into new, profitable business areas.
– Lean organization and cost structure.
– Creating a substantial and loyal customer base.
– Diversifification into various business fields.
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