Range Community, Strategic Plan in the Consulting Industry

Range Community, Strategic Plan in the Consulting Industry is:
In an extended network of companies and consumers, consulting services acquire a sovereign role of vital importance for it’s maintenance, growth and viability.
Recognizing this need but also foreseeing the importance of continual support of the SME members of the network, in a intensely competitive environment, Range seeks to continue as aConsulting Services company with knowledge in the sectors of finance management, SME administration, training and human resourse management.
More specifically Range Community., strategic goals shall be achieved by participation and collaborations in the following
Consulting Industry Segments:
Management Consulting Services
Alternative Financing Consulting Services
Corporate Education Consulting Services
Quality Standards Certification Consulting Services

In order to achieve this vision, the general Goals set out by Regional-specific Operational Programmes aim to :
Render the Region more appealing as an International Business Hub.
Improve a Country’s economy competitiveness, by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, research and technology and the promotion and use of new IT technologies.
Improve quality of life and protect the environment. Create employment opportunities.
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