Range community, Strategic Plan in the Food Industry

rangefoodindustryRange community, Strategic Participation Plan in the Food Industry is: driven by the trends, targeting only in new and innovating products, achieving differentiation and and high quality in the market and the Distribution channels, achieving,high branding recognition and loyalty consumers. Geographically focused in Mediterranean area and the great food culture, Produces Premium products from selected ingredients without preservatives, additives and coloring’s Unique in their kind, both in terms of culinary combinations and by appearance. More specifically Range Community, strategic goals shall be achieved by participation and collaborations in the following Industry Segments:

There is abundant opportunity to create value added in many product categories, especially as the global interest in healthful foods, snack foods, and convenience foods continues to expand. Honey and nut based snacks, macaroni products, marmalades and pickled goods, as well as novel seafood and meat products demonstrate a significant potential in numerous markets.
Growth in the sector averaged 20,6% during the last decade and food and beverage companies are the leading exporters in Greece, accounting for almost 20% of total export sales, with revenues of exceeding 2 billion Euro. The leading markets for Greece’s high-quality products include Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, and the United States.
Investment opportunities include boutique and niche market goods, the entire gamut of mass market items, products marketed as “Mediterranean,” and the exploding organic food sector.
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