Range links companies in a united network in order to induce sales, compose products, combine markets, promote each other, achieve high brand recognition, unite their powers and acquire enormous negotiation might.

The network also focuses on the needs of a very large consumer base, to which it provides products and services, in order to create trust and loyalty.

Thus creating a relationship of trust between the network and it’s consumers, which gradually, yet exponentially, develops into a social network within which powerful commercial and social transactions are made, on a global scale.

Range intends on acquiring already established companies with high potential figures.

The current stockholders of the companies have already secured capital from EU subsidy programs.

Moreover, Range on behalf of its corporate clientele, has submitted and has procured financing from European programs, between 30,000 and 2 million euros for each company.

Range Community is one of the fastest growing companies in Greece. Even though the company started operations in 2012, is has managed in this short period of time to procure consulting contracts worth over 20 million euros, thus being in a position to have guaranteed revenues and positive cash flows for at least the next decade.

In a nutshell, Range plans to push the boundaries of multi industry companies that also create a large network of retailers. In parallel a Large clientele base will be created that will have huge benefits from taking services and products within the network. This in conjunction with proper consulting services will essentially create a unparalleled, technologically advanced and of utmost quality, network of retailers that are targeted by a large and loyal consumer base.

Never before has a company combined all these sectors to create such a large whole that benefits both clients and consumers, while creating large profits for itself, in essence alleviating any and all competition.


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